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Greybeard Realty & Rentals

The Team
Mountain Vacation
Black Mountain Spotlight
30 Second TV Ad
The brief:

Over several years we produced a range of content for this growing realty firm: everything from team photos to tourism ads to videos for the web and television. The longevity of this creative partnership enhanced each subsequent project as we were able to build a library of brand-specific content to populate future work. This also allowed us to turn out new ideas quickly when time was of the essence.
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Project details:

The Team:

  • Film half day of realtor interviews & group photo, then incorporate with b-roll from past projects

  • Total budget: $1,500


Mountain Vacation:

  • 10 hours of filming at multiple locations over 2 days

  • Total budget: $1,750


Black Mountain Spotlight:

  • 14 hours of filming over the course of several weeks

  • Total budget: $2,500


30 Second TV Ad:

  • Repurpose footage from other projects to quickly produce a TV spot

  • Total budget: $900

  • Production timeline: 1 week

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