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Here’s a new edit from two days spent on the river this fall. The river experiences were in high contrast: a traffic jam on a steep creek brown with dam released flow versus a clear fall day on a mountain river that ran brown from tannins leeched out of the autumn forest. Both days were excellent fun and very interesting for different reasons. I hope you enjoy the edit and stay tuned through the end to see an unusual wildlife encounter. Thanks for watching!    

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The Brewer is the new river shoe offered by Astral Buoyancy (a company renowned for its innovation in PFD’s and river rescue equipment). This shoe is awesome: lightweight, sturdy, and oh-so sticky on wet rocks. Horizonline Pictures collaborated with Astral athlete Chris Gragtmans to describe his experiences testing the Brewer ahead of the shoe’s official release.

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Here is some breaking news: it has been unseasonably warm for some time now. This makes me afraid for what will happen temp-wise in the months ahead, but for now I’m revisiting photo memories from the long stretch of cool weather, when Fall magically turned into Spring . . . and it snowed once. There was a solo hike to the upper reaches of Big Creek, a first visit to the amazing Cataloochee Vally in GSMNP (replete with elk, black bears, coyotes howling, & more turkeys than you could shake a drumstick at), a windy evening atop Max Patch with friends and a lightning show, and more adventures. I’m really enjoying shooting photos with my Nikon film body these days (F100, I think this was a roll of Ektar film). It’s expensive, but I feel that there’s a warmth and quality to the images that I can’t replicate with digital. Please enjoy these images, and let me know what you think:   Our first canoe trip: Section IV of the French Broad:   Cataloochee Valley: This guy showed more curiosity in me than I was comfortable with. He walked out of the woods and directly at me without any sign of stopping. I picked up my tripod and backed away, envisioning the dive and roll maneuver I would make if he charged.   Max patch as the sun does down:   We went for a walk at Biltmore with our good friends the Ruch’s. Fiona brought her off-road stroller. Keaton got tired of walking. But he perked up by the end of the day.   The end. Thanks for visiting. -CG  

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For several years now I’ve been working on a series of video profiles featuring artists from Asheville’s River Arts District. This work has been a departure from the marketing-oriented camp videography I do during the summer. It’s given me an opportunity to try new things stylistically, and through the work I’ve developed many valuable friendships in the local creative community. This video is one example of my recent work in The River Artists series, a look at the work of artist Sean Pace. I hope you enjoy the video, and if you do, go over to to see more episodes in the series.   Thanks, Chris G.