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Winter? (photos from the not-so-cold season)

Here is some breaking news: it has been unseasonably warm for some time now. This makes me afraid for what will happen temp-wise in the months ahead, but for now I’m revisiting photo memories from the long stretch of cool weather, when Fall magically turned into Spring . . . and it snowed once. There was a solo hike to the upper reaches of Big Creek, a first visit to the amazing Cataloochee Vally in GSMNP (replete with elk, black bears, coyotes howling, & more turkeys than you could shake a drumstick at), a windy evening atop Max Patch with friends and a lightning show, and more adventures. I’m really enjoying shooting photos with my Nikon film body these days (F100, I think this was a roll of Ektar film). It’s expensive, but I feel that there’s a warmth and quality to the images that I can’t replicate with digital. Please enjoy these images, and let me know what you think:   Our first canoe trip: Section IV of the French Broad:   Cataloochee Valley: This guy showed more curiosity in me than I was comfortable with. He walked out of the woods and directly at me without any sign of stopping. I picked up my tripod and backed away, envisioning the dive and roll maneuver I would make if he charged.   Max patch as the sun does down:   We went for a walk at Biltmore with our good friends the Ruch’s. Fiona brought her off-road stroller. Keaton got tired of walking. But he perked up by the end of the day.   The end. Thanks for visiting. -CG