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Greenways Short Video

In April we were approached by Suzanne Hackett of Pollinate Collaborations to build a short marketing video for her client Connect Buncombe. Connect Buncombe is the county agency responsible for promoting and implementing greenways that will connect townships across the county. This is a cause that we wholeheartedly support; so it was a real pleasure to come on board and help tell their story. The project presented Horizonline Pictures an opportunity to break out of documentary-film-making-mode and take a more scripted approach. We worked with Suzanne to develop a script and shot list that communicated the most important pieces of information about Connect Buncombe in a winning way. Then we filmed over the course of three packed days and edited the project in the following week. Special thanks goes out to Lullatone and Dehlia Low whose excellent music made piecing the edit together a breeze. Enjoy this short film, and drop us a line if you’ve got a story you want our help in telling. Stills from the project: