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The Green Race Movie

Best Whitewater Film – The Reel Paddling Film Festival (2008) Best Documentary + Best of Show – The National Paddling Film Festival (2008)
In 2005 I began work on my first movie. I begged some money from my parents and grandparents, bought a 3-chip video camera, and began pursuing my dream to make a documentary about the class-V kayak race known as the Green Race. The road that followed helped me become a better filmmaker and boater, it led me to a rich community of people who shared my love for rivers, and it gave me quite a few hard knocks as I tried to keep my paddling skills up to speed with the production schedule. After two years of filming and production (and after meeting Spencer Cooke, who would become one of my best friends as well as co-producer on the project), we released The Green Race Movie in the fall of 2007. It went on to win the two biggest paddling film festivals that year, and to this day it remains a popular film among paddlers and a staple for the local community of boaters who love to scare themselves on the Green every November. Here’s the blurb:
Every fall on the first Saturday in November, 1,000 spectators hike into the rugged Green River Gorge to watch the top athletes in kayaking compete alongside the weekend whitewater warriors to win the most extreme competition in class-V creekboating. Through interviews with the professional athletes who regularly win the Green Race and by following the experiences of an amateur kayaker training to compete for the first time, The Green Race Movie reveals this awesome event in greater detail than ever before, digging deep into the guts and glory spirit of the Race to tell a story infused with the power of the river and the intrigue of the thrill-seeking instinct.
And here is the original trailer for the movie: To see more about the production of The Green Race Movie, visit thegreenracemovie.com. To purchase the DVD, click the previous link or go here: http://rapidtransitvideo.com/main/store/