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Father and Son Photograph: Charles Rudolph Luder, my great grandfather, was born December 1882 to Matilda and Louis Luder. He was the third of eight children. His family migrated from Switzerland to the United States in 1884, settling in Tuscola County, Michigan. Charles opened Luder Photography Studios in Washington, Indiana, in December of 1907. While pursuing his profession, he passed his love of photography on to his son Carl and so to my mother and to me. I inherited my first 35 millimeter camera (a Nikon N8008) from my Grandpa Carl shortly after his death in 2007, and around the same time my mother uncovered a fascinating photograph of Grandpa Carl as a young boy. In the picture (taken circa 1926), Grandpa Carl is belly-laughing at his father who has executed a handstand just before triggering the shutter of his camera. It is one of my favorite photographs, demonstrating the power of photography to distill the wonder of a moment across time.